Tasia Harper, MS, APC, NCC

Tasia Headshot.jpg

"I believe heath is not merely the absence of disease. Rather, I see health as the ability to move in and out of health and wellbeing with ease."

Tasia Harper is a National Certified Counselor and graduate of Georgia State University, where she received her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. She seeks to provide a safe space allowing for self expression and healing for her clients. Tasia’s specialties include helping those dealing with PTSD/trauma history, change of life concerns, mood disorders, interpersonal relationship challenges, and stress management.  As an intern counselor at Savannah College of Art and Design, she discovered a love and affinity for working with the emerging adult and artist populations. She is also an advocate for the LGBT youth community and is committed to intersectional feminism.

Tasia’s approach to counseling is heavily built on a foundation of a 21-year career as a massage therapist where she provided safe space for those healing from both physical and emotional trauma. Her commitment to helping others to  heal and grow led her to expand on her bodywork experience and transition to  mental health counseling. This history provides her with a unique perspective in her work as a counselor. By focusing on treating the whole individual, she can help her clients uncover awareness within their bodies and their minds in order to make the life changes they desire. Using Gestalt, Narrative, and Mindfulness theories in her counseling style, she supports her clients as they tap into their inner voice and wisdom through mind and body awareness and creativity. 

Tasia was also raised in a military family experiencing diverse cultures from within the tight military community while simultaneously dealing with the constant moving and uprooting that that life brings. This past informs a perspective on the importance of interpersonal connection and the need to ensure all people have access and opportunities for success. She has worked with a variety of populations including veterans, college students, trauma survivors, artists, LBGT, and teens and has a wealth of experience working with people who are having difficulties managing  life transitions. 

Tasia Harper is operating under the direction and supervision of the Clinical Director, Andrew R. Warnecke, LPC.